About - Diane M. Evans Photography

My little family consists of my husband, Neal, and our sweet but slightly crazy dog, Maggie. We live in Sacramento, California…for now.

My roaming tendencies have brought me to many places, some of which I visit, and some of which I stay in for a while. When I’m visiting or living somewhere I am fascinated with the people – language, food, habits, interactions. Maybe I should have been an anthropologist? Perhaps. But instead I make pictures.

Get to know me…

In my mind, I am a fabulous gardener, but in reality I am a plant murderer. But to the chagrin of plants, I keep trying.

I was slightly obsessed with the show House Hunters International, and the whole concept of living abroad. So much so that I convinced my husband to move to France for a year. We lived in Toulouse, and you are welcome to read about our adventures on our blog, Breath of French Air.

My hair apparently is quite unique. I see it every day, so I’m used to it. But over my lifetime it has warranted comments like “your hair is so unusual, can I touch it”, “your hair looks like noodles”, “I can help you with that hair if you want me to”, “is that natural”. We made peace years ago through the discovery of the right hair products. So although traumatic at an earlier age, now I find the comments quite amusing.

I have a strange connection with dogs and cats, as if I can communicate with them. We are drawn to each other. My husband says sometimes in a creepy, stalker kind of way, but I completely disagree. Love is love.

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